The Hemophilia Center of Western New York, Pediatric Unit-Children’s Hospital of Buffalo love and ENDORSE Comfy Cap.  Lets see why!

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by Daniel Lust on Comfy Caps
Piece of mind

We have been buying comfy caps for both of our boys who have hemophilia for the last nine years. These have provided piece of mind when our m kiddos want to be boys. The fabric choices keep them looking stylish and they are light weight so the boys don't mind them. Very thankful to have met Leah years ago and discover here amazing work. Very happy to recommend comfy caps to all parents.

by Cheryl M on Comfy Caps
hard to choose just one

Just got our 20 month old's second helmet from Comfy Cap, another great product. So many cute designs to choose from. We'll only order from here. Our son doesn't mind wearing it either. Great company to deal with!

by Jason on Comfy Caps

After searching for a protective helmet for our son I ordered a Opti-Cool helmet and was very displeased with how loose it fit and how the chin stap was so easily undone by a toddler, not to mention how ridged it was. So once again I started the fitment search and I had ordered the correct sized helmet. 🙁 I thought there has got to be a better fitting protective helmet out there! Yes there is!!!!! Its called COMFY CAPS for a reason, the sizing and adjustability is GREAT! The inner liner forms great to his noggin and he is not trying to pull it off every time we blink. Comfy Cap has very good design to protect our little ones and easy of adjustability, great on and off one clip design, wonderful venting and material design choice. I ordered ours in big trucks material and the kids at day care love it also, we just call it his bump cap, not helmet. VERY good work Leah, we cant thank you enough for making such a good product for such an important product as our little ones!!!! The ONLY cap Cal will wear as long as he needs protection will be COMFY CAPS.......Thanks again, Jason VossCENTRAL MICHIGAN

by Danielle M. on Comfy Caps
Worth it!

My son has a number of medical issues including epilepsy, autism, and intermittent explosive disorder. We wanted a nice looking helmet that would be comfortable for him while he was at home and needed extra protection. We can put it on and know it is a nice quality item. We picked the fabric and she had it to us quickly. He is getting older and we want a new one soon! It is worth the price to get a little peace of mind with the protection it provides!

by Lindsay on Comfy Caps
Comfy caps to the rescue!

My little munchkin has had his butt saved on several occasional by this product. It's held up very well, and has fit him for a long time now. Will likely buy another for my little severe hemophiliac once he outgrows this one! Thank you!

by Amie on Comfy Caps
love comfy caps

My 4 year old daughter has epilepsy and suffers from atonic (drop) seizures. Her doctor suggested a helmet and I knew she would not be willing to keep it on so I looked for an alternative to the hard helmets. That's when we found comfy caps!My daughter was so excited that she was able to pick out her own fabric to make it very special! She wears it all day and gets so many compliments at school, doctors, and dance!We love that it is easy for her to take on and off herself and that it is soft and washable!We have recommended so many others to check them out!

by KM on Comfy Caps
Comfy Caps are the Greatest for my Twins!

I've known the owner, Leah, for many years. She is a sweet and wonderful person and is passionate for personal reasons about her business. She loves helping children and their families who face special challenges in life's regular activities.

As a friend, I watched her start, develop, and grow her business - pouring her time, treasure, and talent into an endeavor to help her child and others.

As a mother of three then, this was a product for other kids, not mine. Three years ago, I had premature twins. Both were born with retinopathy of prematurity. One had severe bleeding and trauma to her retinas and had surgery at 5 weeks - four weeks before she was due into the world.

She and her twin will always be in danger of retinal injury and as with all things you can never be too careful when it comes to your babies. My girls wear comfy caps to run and play. I know from experience, that it is by the grace of God, that the impact resistance of the comfy caps that thankfully they have avoided injuries to their heads and eyes. I will continue to use my comfy caps until they are completely stable, always careful, mindful of the environment, and able to avoid dangerous falls and situations....so that's forever, right?

Thank you Leah, for your friendship, your product, your hard work and love seen into each cap. Our little ones are a little more free to be 3 with their pretty little comfy caps!!!

by Dr. Mary Jane Petruzzi on Comfy Caps
Pediatric Medical Director

Having a child with a severe bleeding disorder is a constant whirlwind 'roller-coaster' ride for the
parent, child and medical caretaker. The ride can be especially anxiety provoking in those early
years of 'boy' meets the physical world. Head first seems to be the preferred method of exploration
for boys with bleeding disorders.

One of my mother's has decided to soften some of those encounters methodically and with great
ingenuity. She has made bright and cheerful helmets with medical grade foam that is latex free,
anti-microbial and anti-fungal! The fit is individualized by having a bilayer system. The inner layer
is soft and contours to different head shapes while the outer layer has the shock absorbing properties.
No protection is perfect, but these helmets go a long way to decreasing our 'super heroes combustion
on impact'. I personally endorse COMFY CAPS and our Hemophilia Center will certainly use these
for our patients.

by Lynn Obstein, LMSW on Comfy Caps
Social Worker

Comfy Caps have made such a difference for us. Parents like how they look - so they are
more likely to have their children wear them. One mom told me a woman stopped her at the
supermarket and told her what a good idea for a toddler to wear. The woman had no idea the
helmet was for a special need. She thought it was a good idea for all toddlers.

Parents love the bright colors and soft feel and they especially like the fact that they are washable. Wearing Comfy Caps begins a lifetime pattern of safety and prevention. We can't seem to
keep them in stock. We highly recommend Comfy Caps for little people who need extra
protection above the neck!

by Lynn Menza, RN, PNP on Comfy Caps
Pediatric Nurse Coordinator

Both parents and children love them. They provide the extra protection needed to let children
with special needs play and explore. Comfy Caps are very kid friendly, the children feel good
about wearing them. These caps do not have the stigma associated with a 'protective helmet'.
They come in great novelty prints that kids can associate with. A must have!

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