Care and Instructions

How to Instructions for Comfy Caps

  • Caps should always be worn at eyebrow level so entire forehead is always covered.
  • Chin strap should be snug so the cap doesn’t slip up and down.
  • Adjustable side release buckle located near the Comfy Cap logo is the back of the cap.
  • Caps are not intended to be used while swimming or sleeping.
  • In hot weather, it is extremely important to frequently remove the cap and wipe child’s head and neck down with cool clothes.


How to Care for your Comfy Cap

  • Machine wash in cold water on delicate cycle by itself.
  • Tumble dry low.
  • Keep in mind, you are caring for the cotton fabric.
  • Foam inside can’t be harmed.
  • I can’t stress enough that nothing should be in washer or dryer that can snag the fabric.
  • Fabric stains can also be spot treated with a spray and wash type treatment before washing.